You are what you eat …what do you want to be?

Many people endure health problems everyday without realising that a small dietary change or supplement could make all the difference. Doctors suppress symptoms with acid-blockers, antibiotics, painkillers and so on, whereas a Nutritional Therapist aims to address the underlying cause of the problem.

Imagine what would happen if the oil gauge warning on your car dash-board was on, but instead of just topping up the oil, you covered up the light with some sticky tape and kept on driving! So when an aching joint signals that something is wrong, why just try to block the signal with painkillers? Why not listen to your body, and top up your Omega 3 oils as well?

Nutritional therapists are trained to recognise these warning signs and make dietary or lifestyle recommendations to correct imbalances and optimise health.

For those with a diagnosed condition, nutrition therapy may provide answers and effective treatments that conventional healthcare does not.  Patients are often frustrated to find that while research may show exceptional results using innovative or holistic therapies, they are offered only drugs to help them tolerate their condition, rather than additional advice and treatment to actually improve their prospects.

An Individualised Approach

Emma Conroy founded Edinburgh Nutrition in April 2005, following four years of scientific and clinical training. After over a decade in practice, Emma has a high degree of knowledge and expertise, and has helped hundreds of people with all sorts of health concerns. Click here to read more about Emma.


With so much misinformation and expensive quackery out there, Emma founded Edinburgh Nutrition to provide patients with accurate testing, up-to-date research, and effective health strategies. Treatments are as effective, affordable, easy and enjoyable as possible. No pseudo-scientific gadgetry, no gimmicky supplements, no weird foods, no calorie-counting!


Emma recognises that every individual has unique requirements and takes time to define a personalised strategy, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. She is absolutely passionate about the huge impact nutrition has on everyone, young and old, and believes that we all have a right to understand our bodies and be empowered to achieve optimal health and well-being.


New patients often worry that Nutritional Therapy is all about vegetable juices and deprivation and is all a bit of a hassle really. What a revelation to discover that their diet becomes more enjoyable, not less! Health improvement shouldn’t be an ordeal, and food should be a pleasure. Emma don’t live on brown rice and celery sticks, and certainly doesn’t expect anyone else to either!


Everyone is encouraged to keep in touch for advice and encouragement throughout their treatment programme. When you enlist the help of a nutritional therapist, you enlist an ally. You might not always follow all the recommendations – that’s OK. Emma invests considerable time, energy and care into each patient, but ultimately she is there to help you, not to criticise.