Your first consultation lasts an hour and a half, and involves detailed questions about your health history, current health concerns, medication, diet and lifestyle.

Some simple tests may be carried out, for example to assess your blood pressure. By the end you will have an initial programme to start working with. This will usually involve dietary changes plus supplementation.

Follow-up consultations involve a review of progress and any test results and adjustment of the programme as needed.

For children and babies, parents or guardians are asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the consultation.

For corporate work, group presentations and media request please contact Emma to discuss your requirements.

First Visit

£ 60

1hr 30minInitial assessment + health improvement strategy


£ 40

45 minutesProgress review and health strategy adjustment

Follow-up Plus

£ 50

60 minutesFollow-up review + test interpretation

Lab Testing

£ 33

Starting priceIndividual tests start from £33

MOT Package

£ 85

2 visits

Includes initial and follow-up appointments