You may feel certain that something is wrong, but your doctor has told you that all your tests are normal, or that it’s not possible to arrange the sort of tests you want.

Or maybe you are well, but curious about your health and want to be sure you are doing all you can to support it. Edinburgh Nutrition works with a number of laboratories to offer a comprehensive range of laboratory tests to analyse samples (such as saliva, urine or blood). Some blood tests can be taken during your consultation, for example Vitamin D, B12 and Ferritin (iron). For other tests, most sampling can be carried out at home in your own time using test kits provided, and then kits are returned directly to the laboratory.

Along with the standard tests available the NHS, the laboratories offer a wide range of specialist tests and profiles that can provide tremendous insight into complex conditions and confusing symptoms. These include assessments for:

  • Chronic Fatigue / M.E. (e.g. mitochondrial function)
  • Digestive problems / IBS (e.g. gut flora, infection)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (e.g. oxidative stress, amino acids)
  • Hormonal conditions (e.g. sub-clinical hypothyroidism)
  • Allergies / Sensitivities (e.g. delayed immune reactions)
  • Inflammation (e.g ‘Leaky Gut’)
  • Nutrient Deficiencies (e.g. vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amimo acids)
  • Infertility / Pre-conceptual care (e.g. excess or toxic metals)
  • Cardiovascular Health (e.g. homocysteine)

You do not have to be a current patient to have a test, though for the more complex profiles it is necessary to have an appointment to review the results. Please contact Emma by telephone or e-mail to discuss your requirements and establish the most appropriate tests for you.